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"I highly recommend this smart,  charming, wonderful book to anyone who likes good comics. It's absolutely a pleasure to read and a clear labor of love"

Gail Simone - Writer of Batgirl, The Movement, Welcome to Tranquility, Birds of Prey

"THE PRIDE. Old-School and Progressive at the same time. Classic, high-energy superhero action that gives the queer community the heroes they've always deserved."

Steve Orlando - Writer of Midnighter, Namesake, Virgil, Justice League of America

"The Pride isn't about the obvious insinuation of proudness or the connotation of a parade with free condom and lube samples, but more about coming together and accepting your common man, woman, non-binary person."

Dax Exclamationpoint, drag performer and star of RuPaul's Drag Race

"A book of acceptance and with a message that still has an action-packed superhero tale at its core"

Comics Anonymous

"There's a decent amount of humour to keep what could have been very preachy material tongue-in-cheek, while still having the potential to deal with some serious issues"

Neil Ramsden - Review blogger, Graphic Scenes, on The Pride #1

"The Pride still looks to be forging a path that could put it up there with some of the best UK indie titles, as well as one that has an important message."

On The Pride #2

"The Pride Adventures does a good job of expanding on one or two of the known characters, and introduces a new one that would be great to see brought into the main storyline"

On The Pride Adventures #1

"I think it's really important that weas gay nerd fanboys support projects like this...the characters are engaging and the art is cute."

Comic Book Queers

""I wish there was something like The Pride around when I was a troubled teen! The LGBT issues discussed are refreshingly up to date! Great characters, superb illustrations and light hearted humour make this a highly enjoyable comic. Good work Joe and the team!"

Ross Newton - Fan/reader