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The Pride Adventures #2 DIGITAL EDITION


Written by Joe Glass (Stiffs, The Pride) & PJ Montgomery (Stiffs)

Art by Christian Wildgoose (Porcelain, Briar, The Butterfly Gate), Denis Medri, Dani Abram (Razarhawk) & JD Faith (Just Another Sheep)

Colours by Ben Wilsonham & Dani Abram

Letters by Mike Stock

Cover Art by W. Scott Forbes (Forgetless, 27, 27: Second Set)


Time for a second round of Pride Adventures, as our heroes face new foes and threats and even find some time to hit the bar!

-See Wolf and FabMan take on a team of villains who hit a little close to home in the first ever Pride story written by PJ Montgomery!
-Watch as Muscle Mary assembles an all-female, all-star super-army to repel an all too familiar invasion force!
-Listen in on a meeting at Pride HQ Fantabulosa as a NYC detective calls upon the team for help
-And just how do Angel, Frost and Muscle Mary unwind after a hard day of heroing?

Fun, drama and the perfect mojito, all in The Pride Adventures#2!

NOTE: The PDF file is optimized for smaller screens of mobile devices. Large computer screens may notice some pixelization.