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The Pride #1 Digital Edition


Written by Joe Glass (Stiffs, The Pride Adventures)

Art by Gavin Mitchell (Stiffs)

Colours and lettering by Kris Carter (Lou Scannon)

Cover Art by Kris Anka (Marvel's Age of Apocalypse, Uncanny X-Force, Boom's Hypernaturals, and Image's Glory)


FabMan, sick of being treated as a joke and seeing no representation for the LGBTQ in a world full of heroes, assembles the greatest super powered LGBTQ heroes from around the world to form The Pride!

Who joins? And what nefarious shadow is building just out of sight? Will The Pride be up for the task?

Get in on the ground floor today!

NOTE: The PDF file is optimized for smaller screens of mobile devices. Large computer screens may notice some pixelization.